Are Shockwave Therapy Results Permanent?

The initial result for many patients is a feeling of numbness in the treated area. This is usually a temporary response to treatment, meaning that the pain will decrease, but it won't resolve for several weeks. Most people who receive shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction in North Charleston SC usually see benefits within one to three months. Initial results (in the first few weeks) can be dramatic for those who receive Softwave in North Charleston SC.However, there is still not enough research and long-term data to determine how long the treatment might last, if the effects of the treatment could go away, or if you will need additional treatment later on.

Studies have shown that a positive response can last up to two years. Shockwave therapy is the most effective and efficient treatment for erectile dysfunction currently available. While there is an absolute contraindication against the use of shock wave therapy directly on major nerves, it is acceptable to use shock wave treatment in areas surrounding major nerves. Shockwave therapy can also prepare patients for new implants by loosening previously implanted joints.

However, expanding the boundaries of shockwave therapy can sometimes present serious risks. The risk of serious and permanent brain damage is too high to attempt to derive the therapeutic benefits of using shockwave therapy anywhere near the brain or brain tissue. For this reason, it is important to follow conservative guidelines when using shockwave therapy. Most men can expect to enjoy the results of shockwave therapy for up to three years in a row.

To maintain these results, additional shockwave treatments may be necessary about three years after their last appointment. Comparisons between shock wave intervention groups and control groups have shown similar results in various tendinopathies such as plantar fasciitis, elbow tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy and rotator cuff tendinopathy. Experience has shown that people with certain health backgrounds and conditions tend to have an adverse reaction to Shockwave. That said, this shockwave therapy can create the appearance of a longer, larger, or tighter penis because of the way the treatment helps restore blood flow to the penis, which in turn allows all of the tissues in the penis to stretch to their maximum capacity. More research and clinical trials may be needed to clarify the ideal parameters for the effectiveness of shockwave therapy.

It has been clearly established that the shock wave can release destructive forces that, observed in transitions, have demonstrated their ability not only to potentially damage brain matter, but also to destroy it.