How many gainswave treatments are needed?

A series of GAINSwave treatments are needed, and depending on the number of treatments, it depends on the condition being treated. A series usually ranges from 6 to 12 treatments. However, you may notice some benefit after 1 or 2 treatments. Most men will receive 6 to 12 treatments, depending on their goals.

The effects of GAINSwave have been medically proven to last 2 to 3 years. There are also preventive maintenance and performance programs to maintain results and optimize sexual performance. ChillRx uses GainSwave acoustic sound wave therapy to relieve erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease and improve sexual performance. Usually, 6 to 12 treatments are recommended, depending on the severity of the symptoms and the patient's goals.

While this treatment is non-invasive and doesn't require any surgery, you'll need to attend a consultation before your first appointment. In addition, unlike oral medications for erectile dysfunction, GAINSwave can be used to treat Peyronie's disease (painful curvature of the penis). If you want to regain your sexual health and sexual confidence, GainsWave shockwave treatments may be the ideal option for you. GAINSwave is based on a series of more than 30 clinical studies that show a success rate greater than 75% in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED).

GAINSwave is a safe, comfortable and proven procedure for men to optimize sexual performance and reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED) due to poor blood flow. GainsWave works to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease both for those with both conditions and for men just looking to improve their sexual performance. That said, this shock wave therapy can create the appearance of a longer, larger, or thicker penis because of the way the treatment helps to restore blood flow to the penis, which in turn allows all of the tissues of the penis to stretch to the maximum of their capacity. This is because shock wave therapy is primarily a restorative treatment, and when penile tissues are restored, you can get spontaneous erections again.

The fundamental principle of this treatment is the ability to break up any scar tissue or plaque in the veins that interfere with the normal functioning of the blood flow. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available to help men achieve greater sexual performance and satisfaction. In other words, this treatment is so restorative that men can optically increase penis size and make the most of the potential of the body they were born with. Unlike conventional oral medications to treat erectile dysfunction, GAINSwave has few or no side effects and allows men with pre-existing medical conditions to receive safe treatment.

In addition, the GAINSwave procedure activates the growth of new nerve tissue, a process called neurogenesis, which improves sensitivity.