How Long Does Gainswave Treatment Last?

For most patients, the effects of Gainswave therapy usually last for two to three years. This is because the treatment actually solves the problem of erectile dysfunction through regenerative medicine. Most men will receive six to twelve treatments, depending on their goals. The effects of this treatment have been medically proven to last for two to three years.

In addition, there are preventive maintenance and performance programs to maintain results and optimize sexual performance. This means that acoustic wave therapy is the most effective and efficient treatment for erectile dysfunction currently available. Shockwave therapy can also create the appearance of a longer, larger, or tighter penis due to the way it helps restore blood flow to the penis. This allows all of the tissues in the penis to stretch to their maximum capacity.

In a study, forty men with vascular erectile dysfunction received shock wave treatment once a week for four weeks, while thirty-six others were given a false treatment as a control. If you want to regain your sexual health and confidence, GainsWave shockwave treatments may be the ideal option for you. You can even combine this treatment with other male enhancement treatments or hormone therapy during your consultation. Although low intensity shock therapy is relatively safe, there are cases where it can cause adverse reactions.

The reason you'll need so many treatments is that it takes time to correct scar tissue damage and clogged vessels, and it also takes time for the body to build healthier tissue. One of the first steps in treatment will be to apply a topical anesthetic cream to make you feel comfortable during treatment. You'll start to notice the initial effects very quickly after the first treatment. Some men even feel more vigorous and interested in having sex the same night of treatment, and many will have spontaneous erections again during the first few days after treatment.

In addition, GainsWave can be used to treat Peyronie's disease (painful curvature of the penis). When the tissues of the penis are restored, you can have spontaneous erections again.