Is gainswave treatment in St Paul MN effective?

And a lot of research supports this statement. By way of example, gainswave (GW) has been used successfully in Europe for more than 15 years to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). In a study with European participants, 40 men with vascular erectile dysfunction received GW therapy once a week for four weeks. There are no known side effects of the treatment.

GainsWave therapy at Pro 1 Health in St. Paul MN is effective and completely painless. In addition, none of the men in the clinical studies cited above reported any pain associated with treatment or adverse effects or adverse events during or after treatment. The technology behind shockwave therapy has been used successfully across Europe for more than 20 years. Generally, patient satisfaction rates are reported to be positive between 75 and 80%.

Surprisingly, the patient satisfaction score increases slightly among those surveyed one year after treatment. Not only does this show that the effects are lasting, but that patients become increasingly happier over time after receiving the treatment. GainsWave is a non-invasive procedure that has shown proven results for up to 2 to 3 years. Because GainsWave is non-invasive and requires no medications, the procedure has few or no side effects.

Throughout the two decades that this therapy has been used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, a single incident of negative side effect has never been reported. Following these initial reports, LISWT was implemented in the treatment of chronic myocardial ischemia and diabetic foot ulcers, among other applications. First of all, there is no need to fill expensive prescriptions or take pills if you chose the GainsWave procedure. In one study, 40 men with vascular erectile dysfunction received acoustic shock wave therapy once a week for four weeks, while another 36 men in the control group received false treatment.

To evaluate the long-term efficacy and safety results of LISWT in patients with erectile dysfunction who do not respond to treatment with phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5i) inhibitors. Therefore, each patient was compared to himself before and after shock wave therapy simultaneously with treatment with PDE5i. Although the treatment is not considered permanent, the benefits of the Gainswave treatment in St Paul MN can be obtained on an ongoing basis simply by re-administered over time. According to previously published studies, the treatment consisted of applying 14,400 shock waves over a period of 4 weeks.

Pro 1 Health in St. Paul MN, is now offering the GainsWave treatment, which can restore (and even overcome) your youthful sexual self. Until now, shock wave therapy is the only current treatment modality for erectile dysfunction that offers patients corrective therapy with lasting positive results. We also note that this treatment is feasible and easy to administer and no side effects have been reported. The effectiveness of Renova NR reported by other researchers represented an average improvement of more than four points in the IIEF-EF score, thus overcoming the minor significant differences proposed by Rosen et al30 to consider a treatment for erectile dysfunction effective.

In those who responded to LISWT, the increase in results obtained using the IIEF-EF score was statistically significant in the evaluation 3 months after treatment, reaching an average of 9.3 points and 9.1 points 12 months after treatment (figure). For example, with GainsWave, you don't have to remember to take and refill expensive prescription drugs.