How long does it take for shock wave therapy to work for ed Mount Pleasant SC?

Most people who receive shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction usually see benefits within one to three months. The initial results (in the first few weeks) can be dramatic. The results of this treatment will continue to improve over the course of several weeks. 8 to 12 weeks after treatment, you can expect to get the best results, namely, to avoid chronic pain that interferes with your mobility and overall well-being in your daily life.

Each treatment continues its progress, which can be seen in spontaneous erections within 24 hours after the appointment and in an improvement in sexual performance during the time between treatments. However, this progress is constant and offers regular improvement until the final results are achieved. Unlike some medications, this treatment does not offer instant, short-term results. Instead, it works with the body to produce lasting improvements.

This usually happens after 6 to 12 treatments. The results are promising at Elite Healthcare in Mount Pleasant SC and, under the right patient conditions, penile shock wave therapy can help and improve erectile function, blood flow, reduce penile pain and increase penile sensation. The therapy can be administered in a variety of ways depending on the shock wave machine used from a portable device or a fixed emitter. Shockwave therapy may work better for people with this condition, as experts believe it increases blood supply.

Shockwave therapy helps the body dissolve fibrous scar tissue and treat this condition, helping to restore a man's sex life. There are currently no guidelines for identifying the ideal patient for penile shock wave therapy. According to several well-published studies and doctors, no negative effects of penile shock wave therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction have been described. Keep reading to learn more about how shock wave therapy works for erectile dysfunction, possible risks and side effects, and where people can get treatment.

The studies are encouraging and suggest that shock wave therapy could play a new role in the erectile dysfunction algorithm to improve the response to standard reference therapies. Shockwave therapy is designed to treat erectile dysfunction with high-frequency, low-energy shock waves directed at the penis. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reviewed the side effects of treatment in men undergoing low-intensity shockwave therapy for vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. Shockwave therapy may be a viable option for men who haven't gotten the results they wanted with other types of treatments for erectile dysfunction.

The energy of shockwave therapy stimulates the growth of new blood vessels through a process called angiogenesis. Several clinical trials and studies have shown that penile shock wave therapy can work to improve erectile function. Professionals at Elite Healthcare Physical Medicine refer to shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction as a low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave (LI-ESWT) treatment. The shock wave device used for this treatment is a portable tool that generates sound wave energy to send it through the body.